BERLIN-CHEMIE is a subsidiary of MENARINI and in Slovakia of Berlin-Chemie / A. Menarini Distribution Slovakia s. r. o.. The MENARINI Group is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies and has long been at the forefront of the Italian pharmaceutical market. MENARINI was founded in 1886 with its head office in Florence and over the course of a few generations it has become an advanced global pharmaceutical company managed by its owners.

The MENARINI Group has two strategic objectives: research and internationalisation. Both of these areas allow innovative products to be successfully used worldwide for the satisfaction of patients. Globally the MENARINI Group has an excellent reputation and is renowned as a reliable and effective partner. This refers both to the development of new drugs and the communication of scientific information.

This partnership-based way of thinking also benefits Berlin-Chemie, which is therefore constantly pursuing a group strategy also within its scope.

In Slovakia,Berlin-Chemie / A. Menarini Distribution Slovakia s. r. o. offers high-quality innovator and generic pharmaceutical products for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic pancreatitis, musculoskeletal pain, herpes zoster and benign prostatic hyperplasia. The non-prescription product portfolio is focussed on the treatment of coughs, colds, fevers, varicose vein problems and digestive complaints.

Berlin-Chemie / A. Menarini Distribution Slovakia s. r. o. has seventy employees in Slovakia. A great emphasis is placed on the transfer of technical information to doctors and pharmacists, who aid the company's medical representatives to increase their awareness of new possibilities for the treatment of diseases with which they come into contact as part of their daily work. The company thus actively participates in the continuing education of health professionals. The company also places an emphasis on the provision of information to patients to help them to be well versed in self-medication or to direct them to the proper specialist for investigation, diagnosis and subsequent determination of high-quality treatment.

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